About Us

Bewell Nutraceuticals Corporation was established in the year 2007. With the purpose of providing high quality Vitamin supplements to the Filipino market. It has since then expanded its operation across the Philippines; to be a company well-known for producing brands that are synonymous with high quality and competitive pricing. We are on a perpetual state of innovation and growth in all aspects of the company such as sales, marketing, product development and other department. In line with this, the company partners with laboratories and other agencies to ensure an ever-improving service for the public.

Bewell Nutraceuticals Corporation is licensed and accredited by the Philippine Food and Drug Authority to Manufacturer and Distribute Pharmaceuticals as well as herbal supplements, We are fully compliant with all government regulatory agencies , And is currently manned by 80 people including sales, medical representative and logistic personnel to make sure adequate and timely servicing of our clients.


Being the best in everything we do.


We ensure a happy environment and a healthy family oriented workplace.


Having the will power to push through difficult challenges.


We act as owners of the company, making decisions on what is best for the company.


We lead by example. We treat our colleagues with utmost respect just the way we respect our costumers and ourselves.


We are Loyal to the company and to our customer by being the advocates of our products and to devote our time so that we may provide well for our families.

Contact Us

Main: 411-39-31
Subs: 441-74-79 / 411-43-08

Marketing Department:
•  411-39-31 - 102
•  LanceCheng66@gmail.com

Sales Department:
•  411-39-31 - 221
•  Bewell.Sales@yahoo.com

IT Department:
•  MIS.Bewell@yahoo.com